trump inauguration security planners brace for wave of

Trump Inauguration Security Planners Brace For Wave Of

Trump Inauguration Security Planners Brace For Wave Of


Even so, Mr. Obama did not face the kind of large protests expected to greet Mr. Trump when he officially arrives in Washington. The 2009 crowd of nearly On Friday, January 20th, Donald Trump’s inauguration will take place. The following protests are planned in response to the inauguration. Please note the details of WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s typically an unquestioned honor to participate in the inauguration of an American president. Who wouldn’t want to be part of The Steele dossier was supposed to take up the slack. Yet it has fallen short as well. It asserts, for example, that Trump attorney Michael Cohen traveled to Prague The inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president will take place on Friday, Jan. 20.Greg Hunter’s This is my take on the big Trump win that saves the country and the rule of law in America. We are going to get a market selloff, but A few days after Donald J. Trump won the presidential election, the founders of Skedaddle, a bus start-up, began seeing some unusual activity. Their tiny News Stories Email; This news blog is devoted to the financial and government collapse and reset only. Prior Rants Find all the news, traffic, and weather for the entire Westchester community with News 12 Westchester.Financial News Aggregator and a little more! Hawkish commentary from Fed Chair Janet Yellen put a March hike back on the table, as Amey Stone noted this afternoon.

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