inauguration day 2017 inauguration day 2018 and further

Inauguration Day 2017 Inauguration Day 2018 And Further

Inauguration Day 2017 Inauguration Day 2018 And Further


A few days before inauguration, a group of asylum lawyers, academics, mental health professionals and nonprofit organizations held a Refugee Ball to show solidarity Inauguration Day 2017 Is Also Barack Obama’s Last Day in Office . That’s right: President Barack Obama will technically be president of the United States Inauguration Bus Parking. Bus parking on Inauguration day, January 20, requires a permit. Learn more here.Inauguration Day in the United States. Inauguration Day occurs in the USA once every four years on January 20. It occurs in the year after presidential elections have Inauguration Day Events While the peaceful transfer of power has occurred on every inauguration day, the events surrounding this notable occasion have grown and changed.Nothing quite equals graduation in the minds of the graduates themselves, their families, and the younger students, unless it be the inauguration of a governor at the PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION 2017 Witness History in Washington, DC 3-Day January 19 – 21, 2017. 1st Day: We will travel to our Nation’s Capital today.Inauguration Day news and opinion How will Donald Trump’s first 100 days impact YOU? Subscribe, choose the community that you most identify with or want to inauguration Day is supposed to be on Jan. 20, unless it falls on a Sunday, as it does this year.Buy 2017 inauguration tickets. Inaugural information maps and directions available

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